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Connect your community
with one link!

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It is a multipurpose link

Simply connect all your socials, stores, websites, videos, articles - all that you want to share with the world - be as available as you like to.

It is the easiest link

Creating a link is done in under a minute. With our app or web editor you can simply create, share and connect a linkpage to your community.

It is a colorful page

You can simply choose a text, link or background color for your linkpage. For all the creative ones we have an awesome shuffle button.

It is anywhere

Your linkpage is always online - wherever you put it - your community can follow you. Edit your linkpage live on the desktop or even simpler with our app on iOS and Android.

It is a safe link

We protect your privacy and only use trusted technologies. None of your nor of your visitors personal data is shared with others.

It is a sustainable link

Our cloud infrastructure is carbon neutral and efficient which helps minimize your carbon footprint.

It is your data

With one tap you can view all the stats of your linkpage. You can see which of your social medias are visited most or which is the most popular of your links. Of course you can also see how often your linkpage is visited at all.

Try it now

You can also register on your desktop, verify your email and set up your new linkpage.

"I have never created a linkpage so fast with my smartphone and later edited it with my PC"
Leon B.

What kinds of links and socials can I add?

You can add almost everything, like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Telegram, LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitch, Spotify, Reddit ... the list is endless, just explore it.